Where are you on your leadership journey?

(Do you want to make a bigger impact and truly leave a legacy in this world?)

Many leaders are at a point in their lives when they’re asking BIG questions. About themselves and their work. Questions about what’s next – professionally and personally.

They’ve reached a leadership threshold – a level of success – and now, they want  to go further. What about you?

Do you want to take your leadership to the next level?

To make a bigger contribution? To grow the business AND touch more lives?

If so, then you know what it feels like to be at the threshold. It’s exciting, scary, and confusing.

You can’t cross the threshold using the leadership skills and knowledge that have taken you this far.

Bottom line: you’re as good as you’re going to get with your existing knowledge and leadership style.

You could stay on the familiar path, doing what you’ve gotten good at.

Nobody would know that you were on autopilot. (They might even envy your success). But, when you think about spending the rest of your career simply repeating yourself – it’s terrifying and sad.

You don’t want to leave so much of who you are and why you’re here untapped.

You don’t want to waste your life.

But, crossing the threshold into the next level of leadership is risky.

So, you hesitate. You pull back and bury yourself in projects and problems. There are enough projects and problems to keep you busy (really busy) for . . . years. But you don’t want to be just busy.

You want to do something – something that matters.

Something that’s meaningful to others and soulful to you. Work that improves the world and fills you with joy.

It’s in the quiet moments, when you’re by yourself, that your mind wanders back to the threshold. That’s when you feel the gnawing sensation in your gut – the reminder that if you don’t move forward, you’re selling yourself short.

You’ve got more to give.

To be a better leader – and a happier more fulfilled person – you need to cross that threshold.

Introducing: Powered by You

Here’s your opportunity to learn how to cross the threshold to a new level of leadership.

Powered by You is a system based on twenty-five years of experience with over 20,000 people in hundreds of organizations. It’s based on the innate principles of human psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality.

Powered by You connects your leadership to capacities that are deeper than skill, style, and ego.

I’ve distilled decades of experience into this system – so that you can live in the sweet spot where personal transformation ignites business breakthroughs.

It’s deceptively simple. And powerful. You can use the Powered by You principles for  yourself or to take a team to a next level.

How do you get started? Here’s my recommendation:

Get your free copy of Why Change Efforts Fail e-book, along with the Powered by You newsletter that will bring insights, tools, and inspiration for taking your leadership to the next level to your email box.

The Why Change Efforts Fail e-book will show you why 75% of changes (both personal and organizational) fail and how you can avoid that all-to-common fate.

The insights in this e-book will show you how to look at leadership from a radically different viewpoint. You’ll find the information to be enlightening – and very useful.

When you order the e-book you also get the newsletter.

The newsletter is FREE, but it’s not fluff. Each issue focuses on a specific principle that you can use to lead and make a difference.

You’ll find the information fun to read, simple to implement, and energizing.

“I see a lot of newsletters. Few get me to stop and pay attention. Eric’s does.
His quick-read articles hit the sweet spot between Blanchard and Drucker – engaging stories, thought-provoking ideas, and practical tools for handling real-world situations.”

greg_mcquerter.gif Greg McQuerter
CEO, The McQuerter Group

Three reasons why you should subscribe

Reason 1: You get the benefit of thousands of hours of experience – synthesized into easy-to-apply nuggets of information.

Reason 2: Only a few articles and video clips are open for everyone – on this site. The rest are hidden. You  get the direct link in the newsletter. So, without the link in the newsletter, you miss out on some very valuable information.

Reason 3: You don’t have time to read a stack of academic papers (and who wants to). But spend 10 minutes with the Why Change Efforts Fail e-book. Look at your biggest change problems using the principles in the e-book. You’ll immediately find new ways to move forward.

The bonus is, that with your newsletter subscription, you get a free, powerful Why Change Efforts Fail e-book!

” In a field crowded with repetitive work, Eric’s approach is original, deeply personal and enduring. Eric’s teaching is alive with insights, concepts and ideas applicable at any time, but particularly at this time when society and communities are so desperately in need of wisdom and expertise.”

Janet Huston
Executive Director
League of California Cities

“We went in thinking culture was a soft subject . . .”

Joseph Budano
President and General Manager


ken_blanchard.jpgKen Blanchard, author of the business classic The One Minute Manager ®, says Eric’s work is key to “re-igniting the spirit that can increase everyone’s commitment to do the right thing and be the best.”

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