How to be grateful

gratitude1.jpgWith all the angst and struggle that is awash in the world right now, it’s important to cultivate gratitude. Why? Because the state of gratitude reveals the hidden treasures that have been obscured by your emotional angst and struggle.

The state of gratitude shifts you from being in conflict to being in partnership with the creative power of life.

There are two portals into gratitude.

  1. One is through letting go of illusions. (Note: illusions are your thoughts about “how it should be”. All of them. Even the really brainy thoughts).
  2. The other is through fully accepting present moment. (How? Just open and breathe. Let it all in. Especially the parts that you’d rather leave out).

Like most disciplines this can appear easier said than done. But, what if that is just another thought about “how it should be”?

What would it be like to have your next conversation, meeting, experience – in gratitude?

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