What makes leading ‘change’ like pulling teeth?

(Why is it so very hard to get people to implement change? And is there an easier way?)

It’s a common myth is that people resist change. As if there’s some gene in our DNA that hard-wires us to stay stuck. But, there is no ‘resist-change’ gene. People don’t actually resist change. People appear to be resisting change.

When it looks like people are resisting change – they are actually struggling with how to let go of their old mindset.

And as they struggle to change their mindset – they act in ways that appear resistant. It’s all because most of us have never been taught how to shift from one mindset to another.
We don’t know how.

We know how to make technical changes – redesign procedures, re-write policies, upgrade systems. But, when it comes to shifting mindsets – most people don’t know how. And so they get stuck and they struggle.

Here’s a short video clip about shifting mindsets:

As long as people are stuck in an old mindset – getting them to embrace change is almost impossible.

That’s why you need to pay attention to two shifts when leading change.

  1. One shift is the technical or business change. This has to do with the new strategy, system, structure, or process.
  2. The other shift is the mindset shift. This has to do with letting go of an old way of thinking and seeing the world through new eyes.
Most people understand and are skilled at making the technical shift.

But, what hobbles over 75% of change efforts is that people are left to fend for themselves when it comes to making the mindset shift. And left on their own people may or may not take up the new mindset

They need just as much help shifting mindsets as learning the new system (maybe more)

Resistance-Free change shifts the mind-set so the system changes accelerate.

That’s why it’s so powerful.

Resistance-free Change is a system based on twenty years of experience with over 18,000 people in hundreds of organizations. You can use the resistance-free principles to change a whole organization, a team, an individual, or yourself.

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Southern California Edison

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