Is This You?

I’ve worked with thousands of people in many organizations. Those who benefit most from this work have one or more of these challenges.

See which sound familiar to you:

1. Your organization is going through big changes and you want to enroll people in the process.

You see the need for change and have a vision for what you want to create. You understand that people need to buy into the change. You want to earn their trust so they will join you in making the vision real.

2. You want to be a mentor and coach to others – but can’t find the time.

You know that for the organization to continue to thrive – people need to be constantly learning and growing. And your greatest joy is in helping others develop and go beyond their perceived limitations. But, the challenge is finding time – in everyone’s hectic schedules – to focus on development.

3. You see people burning-out and are concerned about the impact it will have on performance & morale

The constant pressure and escalating demands have taken a toll. You can see people burning-out and want to do something that will renew them – and yourself.

4. You don’t have a lot of formal authority – and you want to influence change.

You’re a change agent. You can’t stand letting things stagnate. You’re not afraid of taking risks and telling the truth – but you want to skillfully engage others and get support for your ideas.

5. You are exhausted by your work.

In normal circumstances you love what you do, but you have become burned-out and depleted. You don’t want to abandon what you do – but don’t know how to re-energize yourself.

6. You’ve had success and now it’s time for what’s next.

You know how to be successful – but you want something “more”. Your soul has an itch. Scratching it will take you into the unknown. You’re excited and scared by the prospect of your own transformation.

No matter which of these situations you find yourself in, I can offer you a solution that works .

“I think it’s important for people to be able to feel passionate about their work. But, the workplace doesn’t make it easy, It doesn’t usually make room – or time – for connecting to purpose. So, people put their need for purpose and passion away.

But, it hurts to walk around like that all the time.

I want to create a culture on my team that is humanizing and that helps people grow personally while they’re producing great results. I’m achievement and performance oriented. But, I’ll also never stop the quest to find ways of bringing more humanity, creativity, and connection to work.

Your program made the whole subject of purpose and passion accessible. You put an appropriate structure around something that otherwise might seem “wiggy”. The presentations and exercises made sense to people.”

Deborah Giampoli
Director Global Consumer Promotions
Kraft Foods

So, what can I offer you?

If you’re tired of programs that echo the same old platitudes – I think you’ll find this work refreshingly real, relevant, and powerful. It’s not the typical stuff. It’s more personal. Does that sound “touchy feely”?

Here’s what I know about touchy-feely. Every person, team, or organization that does something great – has strong feelings. They care about what they do. They’re passionate. So, yes, this work is touchy-feely. Because, without the element of human energy – and passion – nothing great happens.

It gets to the heart of what it means to lead. To create a great career. A great organization.

But will it work for you?

It will, if:

  • You want to take your work (and your self) to a new level of energy and impact
  • You’re inspired when you can make difference for others.
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