Here’s how ResistanceFree Change programs work

ResistanceFree Change programs are based on 20 years of experience with over 18,000 people in hundreds of organizations.

While I still offer workshops and consulting service, I also want to support those leaders who have a more do-it-yourself attitude (or whose budgets require them to adopt this attitude). That’s why I’ve created programs that you can implement on your own (with telephone coaching from me – if you choose).

These programs give you tools to:
  • Accelerate change
  • Strengthen accountability
  • Get people out the “victim thinking” trap
These programs provide you:
  • An easy-to-use system you can implement without elaborate training.
  • A flexible design that can be adapted to changing schedules and needs.
  • Powerful skills and tools that works in the real world
Each program is based on a series of short DVD modules (each is 10 – 15 minutes long) .

These professionally produced modules are content-rich and engaging. I’ve filled them with stories and examples. But, the real power of the programs is not in watching the DVDs. The real changes come from the carefully designed discussions and exercises that following each DVD. These exercises skillfully:

  • Dissolve resistance
  • Energize individual & team purpose
  • Focus on actions that promote positive change

“I want to share with you how much I liked the DVD modules. It took me forever to get through them because I found myself stopping, re-listening, and taking notes. So many of the things that you talked about are extremely relevant for me – personally and professionally. I know that our managers will not only be impressed but, more importantly, positively impacted as well. Thanks for a great product.”
Center for Leadership Development,
Internal Revenue Service

Every interactive exercise is fully documented and explained in the easy-to-follow facilitator guide.

When you use a Resistance-free Change program, you’re not “doing training”.

You’re facilitating change. And creating a new way of working together and communicating day-to-day. These programs give you a practical way to express your values as a leader and to create a meaningful legacy.

But, I’ve seen these programs fail. Interestingly, it was not because the team members who were participating were burned-out, cynical, or doubtful. This material actually works well with those folks. That’s because the programs are fun. Not “make balloon animals” type fun. More the deep, soul-satisfying fun that happens when you’re learning, growing, and connecting the dots between who you are and what you do. (Although I wouldn’t recommend waiting until people are burned-out before starting).

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The insights in this e-book will show you how to look at change (and your organization) from a radically different viewpoint. You’ll find the information to be enlightening – and very useful.

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