Are power struggles threatening your organization’s success?


Learn the step-by-step system for ending power struggles & accelerating change.

Leading change can feel like tug-of-war: all that pulling, straining, and effort.

People flexing their egos and vying for control. Protecting their turf and acting like collaborating will somehow diminish their status.

And, there you are – at the other end of the rope –  struggling with those stubborn personalities who won’t face reality and refuse to budge.

You just can’t afford this energy & time wasting anymore.

Before the economy was spiraling downward, this whole tug-of-war dynamic was frustrating. But, now it’s deadly. You truly can’t afford to let power struggles and turf wars block change. There’s more at stake than just being tired and upset. The business is under threat. And you can no longer allow ego battles to undermine another project, again.

The tug-of-war is exhausting.

You end up spending more of your energy dealing with conflict and drama than moving the project forward. It’s a waste of resources. And it’s demoralizing. All the time and attention that’s spent on resisting change could be put into creating results.

You know that if you could get people to buy-in, the change you’re leading would be good for everyone. People would be more energized. They’d achieve more. And you’d all love coming to work.

It’s easy to believe that people are simply wired to resist change.

It can certainly seem like it when people:

  • Get into power struggles – that are more about ego than results.
  • Say they’ll follow through – then don’t
  • Work behind the scene to undermine your efforts

But, before you dismiss those tug-of-war people as being genetically inflexible, know this: it’s not inevitable or even natural for people to resist change.  Human beings are wired to change. We’ve been changing for millions of years.

Most organizations don’t know how to tap the human impulse to change.

Most approaches to engaging staff have more in common with animal training than human psychology. Some of these “carrot & stick” methods work in the short term. But, in the long run they actually intensify the tug-or-war dynamics. Just look at the evidence – over 70% of changes fail (according to studies in Harvard Business Review).

Or look at your own experience and all the change initiatives you’ve seen that start with a bang and end with a whimper. And think about the effect those experiences have on people. They become cynical and even more leery of the next change.

But, there are other projects that you remember so fondly.

When people were fully committed and they collaborated. There were still plenty of obstacles – but your team faced them together and broke through.

Those were times when you tapped into the natural human wiring that drives successful change.

What would it mean for you as a leader if you could structure change projects to tap into that innate wiring?

What would it be like for your team?

Wouldn’t it be a relief to get rid of the tug-of-war dynamic once and for all?


Creating What Matters Most: The art & science of goal achievement

This program gives you a system that takes the resistance out of the change process. I’ve refined the system over the past 20 years working with thousands of leaders. It’s simple and powerful. Using this process allows you to eliminate the tug-of-war mentality so people focus on implementing change and creating results – not protecting their turf.

Successfully implementing change is like putting together a recipe.

Every ingredient counts. Leave one out – and the meal is ruined. When you examine change efforts up close, it’s clear: those that fail and those that succeed are structured very differently. But, most people don’t know the recipe that makes resistance-free change possible.

What makes this program different?

It’s built like a recipe. As you follow the recipe, you’ll learn a step-by-step system that you and your team can apply to any change – big or small.

The structure of Creating What Matters Most shifts people out of the defensive mode and through a sequence of powerful questions. As people consider each question, their sense of ownership increases and they move naturally out of power struggles and into a collaborative, commited mindset.

You’ll learn:

  • How to structure your change process so that people are energized instead of resistant.
  • The step-by-step system for identifying where to put your resources for the greatest return.
  • A new way of approaching all kinds of projects and problems without power struggles.

Creating What Matters Most is for leaders who are tired of fighting resistance and want:

  • An easy-to-use system to implement without elaborate training.
  • Proven skills and tools that works in the real world.
  • State-of-the-art material from a renowned author and consultant  – (without the cost of flying me in!!)

It’s a system that eliminates resistance as you apply it to your real work.

What’s in the Creating What Matters Most program?

  • Why 70% of change efforts fail – and how yours can succeed.
  • The 3-step sequence for accelerating change (Yes, there’s a definite sequence.)
  • How to apply Resistance-Free Change principles to projects large and small.
  • 4 questions to audit your goals (so they’re more compelling, relevant, and impactful.)
  • How to convert anxiety into positive action.
  • The one factor that most change strategies overlook – and how not to miss it.
  • What it really means to “change the culture” – and how to apply it to your culture.
  • How to increase accountability & ownership – so people drive the change.
  • Why action planning comes last (and how to define actions that really move the change forward.)

The program is based on a series of 4 DVD modules.

These professionally produced modules are content-rich and fun to watch. The modules involve people in learning and naturally guide them to make the mindset shifts that will accelerate change.

But, the real power of the program is not in watching the DVDs.

The real changes come from the carefully designed discussions and exercises that you facilitate following each DVD. These exercises skillfully:

  • Dissolve resistance
  • Increase ownership & accountability
  • Drive actions that promote positive change

This isn’t just another workshop or training.

Creating What Matters Most is really a change process itself. Every module focuses on putting learning into action. As people go through the modules with you – they automatically start to:

  • Change how they think about change.
  • Let go of resistance.
  • Focus on their role in making the change succeed.

It’s a learning-by-doing program so people change and get results at the same time. Every interactive exercise is fully documented and explained in the easy-to-follow facilitator guide. And if you have any questions along the way – I’m available to coach you.

Enjoy this complete learning system.

Accelerating Change is simple to implement. And everything you need is included. Plus, I’m available to coach you through any questions or challenges you have.

The program includes both team member materials and a facilitator kit (so you can easily lead the learning process).

Your facilitator materials:

The 4-module Creating What Matters Most DVD of me presenting the following transformational concepts ($579.00 value):

  • Module 1: The structure & process for accelerating change
  • Module 2: Compelling Goals: What you want to create
  • Module 3: Analyzing the Current Situation: Where to “tap” for greatest results
  • Module 4: Taking Action: Aligning actions to accelerate change

This DVD series brings you the same stories, concepts, and skills that I present in workshops and keynotes – but at a fraction of the cost. You get to benefit from years of research and refinement – because the material presented in these DVDs distills the most impactful concepts into focused 10 -15 minute modules.

Creating What Matters Most Facilitator Guide

Value: ($189 value)

This is the very same facilitator guide that I use myself (and that other leaders have used to present these concepts to over 4,000 people).

It takes you step-by-step through each learning session. It tells you what to emphasize. What questions to ask. How long to give people for each exercise. Everything you need is clearly laid out. This is like having me at your side coaching you along saying, “Okay, now do this next . . .”

Team member materials:

Creating What Matters Most workbook ($29.95 value)

This all-new workbook has been designed to function like an interactive journal – that turns the concepts of Resistance-Free Change into focused, positive actions.

And these bonuses . . .

Bonus #1

The Power of Mindsets DVD & Leader’s guide:

How to change your mind & keep the change ($279 value)

This DVD explains the four basic workplace mindsets: victim, burnout, lotus eater, and leader. Using stories and real life examples, I show to enhance workplace performance & personal fulfillment by shifting your mindset. This DVD comes with a facilitator guide and workbook that you can use to strengthen your team.

Bonus #2

Resistance-Free Coaching:

How to give feedback that creates lasting change ($47 value)

This special report applies the Resistance-Free Change system to one-on-one coaching. Learn how to give feedback in ways that create ownership and motivation for change. Includes worksheets and forms for action planning.

Important! Please read.

Everyone who purchases Accelerating Change must have Leading Resistance-Free Change. You can go get it by clicking on the link.

Why? Because there are foundational principles in that book that are necessary for implementing this program.

What’s Included



The 4-module Creating What Matters Most – DVD ($579.00 value)
Creating What Matters Most –  Facilitator Guide
($189 value)
Creating What Matters Most –  workbook ($29 value per team member)



The Power of Mindsets DVD & Leader’s guide:
How to end victim thinking & burnout ($279 value)
no checkmark
Resistance-Free Coaching:
How to give feedback to promote lasting change ($47 value)
no checkmark

$27 per team member

$627 per facilitator


$27 per team member

$667 per facilitator