Is burnout hurting your team?

As the pace and demands of work keep accelerating – people burn out. How can you stop burnout and get people energized about their work again?

stressman1.jpgImagine looking into the eyes of your team members and seeing, really seeing the tiredness.
What you’re seeing the first signs of burnout. It’s the glazed look that says, “You’ve got to be kidding,” when you’re telling them about a new program or project. They’ve stopped listening – even though they’re still looking at you.

It’s maddening to try and motivate people who are burned out. And disheartening to see what’s happening to the team when burnout spreads like a virus. Still, It’s easy to ignore the first signs of burnout.
There’s so much real work to do – projects, programs, deadlines.

The easiest thing to do is to ignore what you’re seeing.
And just plow ahead and hoping things will get better; hoping people will stop burning out. But, hope isn’t a strategy. And, in your gut you know that, unless you do something, burnout will keep eating away at the team’s spirit and effectiveness.

You don’t want that. And the people on your team – even those that are most burned out – don’t want it either. This is the secret: people don’t want to burnout. That’s why they shut down and stare at the world with glazed eyes.

When people don’t know how to keep their sense of passion and purpose alive without burning out – they shut down to protect themselves.
From the outside it looks like they don’t care or that they’re angry.
In fact, they care deeply. They’re struggling to keep their passion and purpose alive.

That’s why you can’t overcome burnout by tweaking schedules, changing deadlines, reorganizing the workload. In terms of ending burnout – these are band-aids that can only give temporary relief. To really beat burnout – you need to get behind the symptoms of burnout and stoke the fire of passion and purpose at its source.

Core Values are the source of passion and purpose.
And when your team is connected to their core values – they will be energized, engaged, and able to act with power even in the face of tremendous challenges.

Introducing: Choosing Core Values @ Work
This program gives you a step-by-step process for overcoming burnout at it’s source – by reconnecting people to their core values.

The Choosing Core Values @ Work process has been used by over 6,000 people in hundreds of organizations. In this program your team members learn:

  • Why core values are the keys to personal & organizational renewal
  • The difference between core values and inherited values
  • How to let go of inherited values that no longer work
  • What it means to live core values fully and authentically at work
  • How to flex the expression of values in different situations – without compromising integrity
  • Why people lose track of core values – and how to get back on track quickly and easily when you do

Some leaders are afraid of having people think about their core values
They worry that if people really stop and reflect on their values – they’ll quit.
It’s possible. But, it’s also very, very  rare.
Among the 6,000 people that I and my colleagues have led through this process – only 3 decided that they needed to chuck it all and start over.
This program gives you the tools you need to ignite people’s passion & purpose at work in uncertain times. And it’s easy, affordable, and effective.

It’s a turn-key system that you simply facilitate.
Choosing Core Values @ Work is simple to implement. And everything you need is included. (Plus, I am available to coach you through any questions or challenges you have.)

Every interactive exercise is fully documented and explained in the easy-to-follow facilitator guide.

These exercises show people how to:

•    Take personal responsibility for creating breakthrough results
•    Raise accountability & collaboration to a new level
•    Eliminate victim-thinking & helplessness

“I’m not a trained facilitator or coach but I took my team through the exercises. It was so much fun. Everyone got involved and opened up. This helps us grow as a team and individuals.”
Cynthia Pearsall MSN, RN
VP and CNO
Fairfield Medical Center

You can structure Choosing Core Values @ Work to fit your schedule and team needs.
The program is divided into short modules, which makes implementation very flexible.

Some leaders have used the program as the centerpiece of staff “retreat” –carving out a few hours to immerse the team completely in the material. Others have effectively integrated the program into on-going staff meetings.

I’ve based Choosing Core Values @ Work on programs I’ve facilitated for 20 years in hundreds of organizations.

You benefit from the years of learning and refinement. About 10 years ago, all the elements in the process came together. It just worked every time. What became clear – after the program was perfected – was that my presence wasn’t necessary for it to work.  This was a little hard to swallow at first ( Hey . . . I have an ego, too).

But, it’s true. The power of Choosing Core Values @ Work is that it’s a system any team can use – without hiring a consultant.

The system includes carefully designed exercises that take people from being cynical and burned out – to a sense of renewed passion and purpose. It’s a proven formula.  And I’ve included everything in the materials. (And in addition – I’m available for coaching if you have any questions).

“As facilitator I was nervous going in. This wasn’t something I’d done before. But, your facilitator guide was really helpful.
I just used the information and materials that you provided to head me in the right direction. And this let me engage people in really interesting discussions. There was a lot of participation and feedback.
For me facilitating the program was very valuable. It brought me back to my own values.  And the process was really unifying for the group.
It’s really useful for people to remember why they are doing this work. Because, it’s demanding and stressful. So, it’s important for people to connect back to why they really are doing this work.”
Robin C. Buck
Executive Director
Maple Star Oregon

Every team member gets:

• Choosing Core Values workbook. ($49.00 value)
This all-new workbook has been designed to function like an interactive journal – that turns the concepts of Choosing Core Values into focused, positive actions. Filled with valuable exercises, the workbook makes the learning process personal & practical.

• A set of Core Values Cards ($24.00 value)
These cards are a revelation. Over 4,000 people have used them to clarify their core values in order to bring greater passion and purpose to their work.

Your Facilitator Kit includes:

• Choosing Core Values @ Work Facilitator Guide
Value: ($279 value)
This is a great resource! It takes you step-by-step through each part of the learning process. It tells you what to emphasize. What questions to ask. Everything you need is clearly laid out. This is like having me at your side coaching you along saying, “Okay, now do this next . . .” Includes an easy-to-use PowerPoint presentation.

• Choosing Core Values workbook. ($49.00 value)

• A set of Core Values Cards ($24.00 value)

Plus these Premium Bonuses

Premium Bonus #1:  30 minutes of personal tele-coaching – for you as the team leader
($350 value)

Like you, my schedule is busy – but there is always time for what truly matters. And I really want you and your team to be great. That’s why I am making this offer to those who purchase the premium program. In a tele-coaching call we can really focus together on your specific challenges and your specific goals. Then, I’ll tell you how to adapt this program – to make a huge difference with your people and your business.

Premium Bonus #2:  Core Values Coaching ($39 value)
A special report on how to use core values when coaching for performance. Learn how to use the natural energy of core values to promote change – in individual performance and teamwork

“Some of the people on my team were skeptical. They were concerned about this work being too touchy-feely. But, our first session changed that. Our work with Eric Klein has been instrumental in furthering a culture of innovation and collaboration within our organization at QUALCOMM.”
Joan Waltman
QUALCOMM Wireless Business Solutions

What’s Included



Facilitator Guide
($279 value)

The step-by-step guide that makes the learning so powerful and simple to facilitate.
Team member workbook
($39 value)

The interactive learning journal.
Choosing Core Values cards
($24 value)

The coolest tool for engaging passion & purpose at work.



30 minutes of personal tele-coaching ($350 value)
– for you as the team leader.
no checkmark
Core Values Coaching ($39 value)
A special report on how to use core values when coaching for performance
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$49 per team member

$259 per facilitator


$49 per team member

$279 per facilitator