Are you “herding cats” when you want to be leading change?
herdingcats.jpg(How can you  get people focused & engaged – so leading change isn’t so frustrating?)

You meet with the team to figure out how to implement a change. Everyone comes up with strategies and tactics. It all looks good. Then, key team members don’t do their piece.

Even though they was at the meeting and said, “Okay this is great.” They acted like they were totally on board but when the deadline comes along – it’s not done.

It’s aggravating to realize that people pretend to agree but without any intention to follow through. You wonder, “Why did we have that meeting? It’s a waste of everybody’s time. We’re back where we started.” It’s really frustrating.

And you dread going through another meeting where people pretend and nothing changes.

You’ve been down this road so many times. You can start to question, “Is it really worth it?”

Part of the frustration is that now you have more work to do. You still have to lead the change and keep things moving. But now you also have to figure out how to deal with their resistance.

You don’t want to be a baby sitter.

It’s such a huge waste of time and energy.  It seems reasonable to think that people should at least do what they say they’ll do. You need people to get engaged. But, the people you depended on are now rigid and resistant. How did this happen? Inside you’re thinking, “What is wrong with you guys. Can’t you just let go and get on board?”

Introducing: Leading Resistance-Free Change

Leading Resistance-Free Change provides a fully integrated approach to implementing change. It’s a field-tested system not a theory.

I’ve refined the system over the past 20 years working with over 18,000 managers in hundreds of organizations. I’ve distilled these experiences into a system. And then condensed everything I’ve learned into this book to make it easy to understand and apply.

I would only recommend Eric’s work to you if you’re truly looking to make change happen and get organizational results. This is not light or fluffy stuff.
I have worked with Eric’s leadership programs in several organizations. Eric’s approach is unique. His processes are best-in-class.

Greg Goates
Sr. Director Leadership Development
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

You can use Leading Resistance-Free Change with a whole organization, a team, an individual, or yourself.
Leading Resistance-Free Change system works with the innate principles of human psychology and system change.
And amazingly, there’s nothing new in this book.

It’s a new recipe that’s made with familiar ingredients, assembled in a new way.
It’s not that you’ve been doing the wrong things. It’s that the things you’re doing aren’t working together to create momentum instead of resistance.

All it takes is a few tweaks.
Leading Resistance-Free Change incorporates what you already know about leading change – while showing you how to make some small (powerful) adjustments to your thinking and action.

It’s these little tweaks that make the biggest difference.
When you organize the familiar principles in this new way – you will be able to lead change in a way that is resistance-free.

Leading Resistance-Free Change shows you how to get at the real issues, even the ones that are hard to talk about.

You’ll see why 70% of change efforts fail (and you’ll know how to make yours succeed.)
Yes, the failure rate is that high according to a Harvard Business Review study. 70% of change efforts fizzle.
That’s a lot of wasted time, resources, and human energy.

Why are so many smart, motivated, energetic people struggling to lead change – and realize important goals?
They’ve never understood how to put all the pieces of the change puzzle together in a way that is resistance-free.
This system will show you how to beat the dismal odds.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why 70% of change efforts fail – and how yours can succeed.
  • The secret to eliminating resistance (it’s not what you think)
  • The 6 ways people express resistance
  • The 3 ways leaders sabotage their own best efforts
  • What to focus on first when leading Resistance-Free Change
  • How to take your goals from ho-hum to compelling
  • The 4-quadrants of change – and what they reveal.
  • The one factor that most change strategies overlook – and how not to miss it.
  • What it really means to “change the culture” – and why so many organizations miss the mark
  • How to increase accountability & ownership – so people drive the change for you
  • How to focus action planning to accelerate change.

Leading Resistance-Free Change takes the struggle out of the change process.

It makes leading change more successful, more enjoyable, and more meaningful. Once you understand the structure of Resistance-Free Change you’ll be able to apply these principles to any size change – from coaching an individual to implementing an organization-wide transformation.

Be honest with yourself

Are you finding yourself depleted by the effort it takes to lead change? A lot of leaders are running themselves ragged. Finding themselves still at the computer at 10, 11 pm. Leading change can be draining. But, it doesn’t have to be. The Resistance-Free Change system shows you a way out of the energy-draining pattern.

“This approach turned my thinking around. It made me see how to work with resistance in a totally new way. It changed my perspective. I felt liberated. I actually had an ah-ha moment. But, you also gave me a process ad tools to address the issues and turn around the things that have been holding us back.”
Nancy Cohen
Children’s Care Connection (C3)
Rady Children’s Hospital

I really want you to have the benefit of this knowledge.
When I meet with leaders and hear the stories of struggle, frustration, and wasted energy, it’s heart breaking. Change doesn’t have to be so painful.

Here are three more reasons why you should invest in Leading Resistance-Free Change:

Reason 1) Information that you can absorb almost instantly
Leading Resistance-Free Change gives you an extremely simple but sophisticated set of tools that you can literally start using the very next day.

The material is organized in an easy to digest manner. Straight forward – with no fluff.

Whether you’re dealing with a change that is system-wide, for your team, or individual – after reading through Leading Resistance-Free Change and completing the relevant worksheets – you’ll know immediately what you need to do to accelerate change.

For this reason and this reason alone, you should do it. For yourself and your team.

Reason 2) You’ve got nothing to lose!
Just to make it super-safe for you, I’m offering you a complete and generous guarantee:

If, after you have the book and all the bonuses in your possession, you aren’t happy with them for any reason whatsoever, then:

Ask me, and I’ll refund 100% of the money you paid for the book and the bonuses.

Plus, if you let me know what you didn’t like about it, I’ll give you a recommendation for a book, author, website, or other resource that might suit you much better.

Reason 3) Real world testing
The ideas and techniques in the book come from hard won experience. Real people in real organizations have taken helped me hone the Resistance-Free Change system so that it is as simple and powerful as possible.

Special Bonuses:
Bonus #1

Leading Resistance-Free Change Audio Book: Read by the Author (with additional comments and insights)
($49 value)
Most audio books are just the author reading the exact words of the book. This is different. While, I do read the book word-for-word, I don’t stop there. I add comments, tell stories, and give examples.

So, you get the book and a lot of additional ideas, insights, and applications to listen to and enhance your understanding.

Bonus #2

The Key to Leading Change: DVD
($79 value)
In this studio-produced DVD, I cover the underlying principles that make Resistance-Free Change so powerful.

In this dynamic, information rich presentation I introduce you to the four quadrants of change – and how they function in your organization.

You can use this DVD to reinforce your own learning – or to introduce the concepts of Resistance-Free Change to others in your organization.

When, you’re leading a team through change – this DVD makes it easy for you to get them engaged in the Resistance-Free Change principles quickly.

What’s Included



Resistance-Free Change E-book
Bonus #1 Resistance-Free Change E-book Read by the author with additional commentary (High quality downloadable audio) ($49 Value)
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Bonus #2 The Key to Leading Change: DVD (Studio produced – downloadable video) ($79 value)
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Still on the fence?

Ask me any question about this package or leading change. I want you to make a decision that is right for you.

Warmly, Eric Klein