Do you love your work – and hate feeling burned-out?
When you choose your career because of passion and purpose – it’s really disheartening to find yourself losing interest in what you do.


It’s demoralizing when the very things you used to look forward to every morning – now feel more like burdens than opportunities.

It’s depressing. When you think about work – there’s a sinking feeling in your stomach.
Because, even while you’re losing your energy for doing it  – you still love the work.

You’re still committed to the value of what you do.
It’s just that you can’t find your way back to that fire of motivation.
It’s like you’re out in the cold. And you can start to wonder if there’s any warmth left.

It can seem as though all the embers in the fire of motivation (that used to keep you so inspired) have died out.

You’ve tried the obvious solutions
Like going on vacation.
So, you get away. And come back rested.
But, all to often the effects of your vacation are wiped out before the day (or that first meeting) is over.

Then you’re spiraling back down – into that uncomfortable sense of frustration and hopelessness. Arggghhhh.

I’m not knocking vacations. They’re important. So is exercise, eating right, and sleeping enough. These are all necessary physical practices. They’re just not going to re-ignite the fire of your motivation – make your work come alive again.

There is something more primary that you need to pay attention to if you’re going to get the fire of your motivation going again.
It’s your core values.
Because core values are the source of your passion and purpose.
And when you’re re-connected to that source – you’re energized, engaged, and able to act with power and integrity.

Introducing My Core Values @ Work

Here is a structured process that reconnects you to your core values. In this program you’ll learn:

  • Why core values are the keys to personal & organizational renewal
  • The difference between core values and inherited values
  • How to let go of inherited values that no longer serve you
  • What it means to live your core values fully and authentically at work
  • How to flex the way you express your values in different situations – without compromising your integrity
  • Why you lose track of your core values – and how to get back on track quickly and easily when you do

The power of core values is that they come from inside you.
Knowing your core values gives you a reliable basis for making decisions and taking action. Because when you are acting in accord with your core values – you will naturally be bringing your best self to work.

Some people are afraid of connecting to their core values
They worry that by understanding their values – they’ll have to make radical changes that will upend their lives.
It’s possible. But, it’s also very, very  rare.
Among the 6,000 people that I have led through this process – only 3 decided that they needed to chuck it all and start over.

Everyone else breathed a sigh of relief.

Because, rather than bring chaos into lives, connecting to core values brought peace. A sense of clarity. And a gut-level knowledge about how to renew their purpose and passion at work.

By completing the Core Values @ Work process you will:

  • Create results that reflect what matters most to you
  • Navigate through uncertainty with clarity
  • Make tough decisions with
  • Meet conflict with inner strength
Here’s what the program includes:

Core Values @ Work manual ($47 value)
This 25-page manual (a real physical manual) takes you through all the steps of the Core Values process. Filled with informative explanations and inspiring quotations this manual is an interactive journal – in which you record your insights and conclusions.

Core Values cards ($24 value)
These beautifully designed cards are the coolest tool for discovering your core values. Over 6,000 people have ordered these cards to clarify values for themselves, their teams, and their families.

Core Values @ Work Audio guide ($79 value)
In this audio guide, Eric Klein takes you through the steps of the core values process. This is like having Eric there coaching you along as you let go of inherited values and connect to the source of your passion and purpose.

Bonuses include:

Premium bonus #1:
Living Your Core Values Day-to-Day audio ($24 value)

In this audio program, Eric Klein teaches you a simple – yet transforming – process to use to stay connected with your core values. Through a series of questions and reflections, you learn to mentally structure your day in the light of your core values. Eric teaches you a simple technique for using this daily practice to strengthen your connection to core values.

Premium bonus #2
Goal Setting with Core Values Special Report ($27 value)

Goal setting is an important part of any professional or personal success strategy. This special report teaches you how to set goals that align with your core values. This one technique will tremendously increase your ability to follow-through and realize your goals.

You don’t end frustration by hoping things will get better.
Hope isn’t a strategy.
Career fulfillment needn’t be left to chance.
That’s why Core Values @ Work follows a specific sequence.

When you go through the sequence – it’s easy.

Because each step in the process takes you deeper into the source of your passion and purpose.
Clarity on your core values doesn’t mean you always find a parking space or that contrary co-workers suddenly start seeing things your way.
But, getting connected to your core values – in your head, heart, and body – will give you a reliable way to stay on track during challenging times.

This program will give you back the spark that ignites your deep motivation for your work.

You want to love going to work again. To find a way of doing what you do – that will allow you to keep making a meaningful contribution – without destroying yourself in the process.

Is there a way to somehow get back to the roots of what work is all about for you?
There is – by connecting to your Core Values.

What’s Included



Core Values Audio Guide
($79 value)

The step-by-step audio coach that takes you through every step of the process.
Core Values  manual
($39 value)

The interactive learning journal.
Choosing Core Values cards
($24 value)

The coolest tool for engaging passion & purpose at work.



Living Your Core Values Day-to-Day audio ($24 value)
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Goal Setting with Core Values Special Report ($27 value)
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