Did you know that disengagement isn’t just for low performers anymore?

It used to be that only low performers were disengaged. And you could count on the passion, energy, and commitment of the rest of the workforce to carry your organization forward.

That’s no longer true. Now, high performers being infected with the disengagement virus.

The disengagement virus is spreading.
A 2010 survey by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), a leading research and advisory services company, found that high-potential employees are increasingly. About one in five (21 per cent) identify themselves as ‘highly disengaged’ a three-fold increase since 2007. Some 25 %  plan to leave their current employers in the next year compared to 10 % in 2006.

When high performers disengage – it’s time to get serious about combating the disengagement virus.

Because, disengagement isn’t just personal.
Individual disengagement doesn’t just have personal consequences. It impacts organizational performance. Individual disengagement generates a cultural mood of cynicism, helplessness, and distrust.

But, this doesn’t have to happen. Because, disengagement isn’t natural.

People want to be engaged.
It’s human nature to want to:

  • Do good work
  • Develop skills
  • Make a contribution.

But, many people, including high performers, need help combatting the disengagement virus.

They need support to power up their innate drive towards growth, excellence, and making a difference.
Until now, the only support available was through individual coaching, team building, or training programs. And these are still viable options if you have the luxury of lots of time and money.

But, most organizations can’t afford to offer coaching and training to enough people. So, how can you inoculate a critical mass of people against the dis-engagment virus?

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It takes a new approach.
Old style training and development methods are just that – old.

The Greeks popularized the expert lecturer talking to a group of students in an amphitheater classroom about 5000 years ago. We’re still using this 5000 year old delivery method in most training programs.

The 5,000 year old method may have worked in slow moving, slow changing world.
But today it’s simply over-matched by the demands of rapidly changing, high-stress reality. It’s too slow and too expensive.

Introducing: Powered by You

Powered by You is a 21st century online platform to help you kill the disengagement virus and ignite a culture of enthusiasm, accountability, and leadership.

Powered by You is dynamic, multimedia, socially engaging learning that enables leaders to:

  • Reach the entire workforce with game-changing knowledge simultaneously.
  • Provide tools and resources to help employees seize the opportunity for self-engagement.
  • Promote a culture of accountability

It’s not an event.
Powered by You is not a training event. It’s an on-going conversation that involves the individual, the team, and the team leader. It’s a powerful combination of:

  • High tech  – through the state-of-the-art online delivery system.
  • High touch –  through the personally engaging content and team reinforcement sessions (more on this below).

Here’s a clip from a Powered by You module:

A glass of water from Eric Klein on Vimeo.

Powered by You involves individuals, teams, and leaders. Here’s how:

The Individual

Powered by You focuses individuals on the mindsets and skill sets that strengthen self-engagement and self-responsibility.

Each month, individuals receive a series of short, powerful videos and articles that focus on a monthly theme.

These videos are engaging, provocative, and call forth what is best in each person. The articles and worksheets promote on-the-job application.

The Team Leader

Each month the team leader – with team members enrolled in the individual program – receives a leader’s guide. This guide provides the leader with structured ways of reinforcing the monthly theme – through individual coaching and at regular team meetings.

Leaders now have a structured, simple, and powerful way of doing continuous team development – in the context of the team’s real work.

The Team

Leaders now have a structured, simple, and powerful way of doing continuous team development – in the context of the team’s real work.

Real learning never happens in a vacuum. And culture change is about more than “me”. It’s about “us”.

Powered by You engages everyone on the team so the way people collaborate and communicate naturally improves.

Here’s how Powered by You works:
Every week for 12 months, participants receive an email reinforcer. In the email is a link that takes the participant to the Powered by You online resource page. This is where they get access to the new content and where they can track their learning and application.

Week-1 the individual receives a short (3-7 minute) video that introduces the monthly theme. Along with the video is a downloadable pdf that the individual can use for planning, implementation, and tracking. This is not just passive education – it’s all about taking action.

In week 1, the team leader also receives a leader guide with ideas for reinforcing the monthly theme – through individual coaching and at regular team meetings.

Week-2 the individual receives a quick-read article that reinforces the concept from week 1.

Week-3 the individual receives another video that takes the concept introduced on week one deeper.

Week-4 the individual receives a short article and assessment to reflect on the month’s learnings.

Powered by You is for leaders and organizations that:

  • Seek a simple and practical way to build a culture of accountability and leadership
  • Want to infuse passion, creativity, and purpose into work and the workplace.
  • Have tried a variety of leadership development programs and are asking, “What’s next?”
  • Want to ensure the future of the organization by strengthening individual engagement and leadership.

We have created Powered by You to be the most impactful source of implementable ideas, career building concepts and culture changing practices.  It is a provocative, emerging, just-in-time, socially-reinforcing and low cost solution the challenge of dis-engagement.

Powered by You provides the means to spark the engagement that is essential to success in the 21st century.

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