Do people on your team need more leadership energy?

How frustrating is it to say the same things to your team over and over, but not see any real change in behavior?

Imagine you’ve just held a meeting and explained (again) the new direction. But, when people leave the room, it’s like nothing happened. They don’t change their behavior. They’re not following through.

It’s like you’re talking to yourself. And the people around you are in machine-mode – going through the motions but not really engaged in making the organization better.

How do you get people out of machine-mode?

You can’t do it with more of the same old meetings. It takes a different kind of meeting – with a different kind of conversation. One that actually turns off the machine-mode way of working – and turns on the leadership energy that’s lying dormant inside people.

What is leadership energy?

It is the innate motivation, within each person, to contribute to the world, develop their talents, and achieve positive results. Many people have been trained to ignore these impulses. They may have been taught to fly under the radar, keep quiet, and make it through the day in machine-mode. They may have had bosses or been part of organizations that never tapped into their leadership energy.

But, there is leadership energy inside each person on your team.

It is the energy that fuels higher levels of engagement and performance. To get people to be more accountable and lead change – you need to help them develop their leadership energy.

It’s time to stop spending so much of your time fighting operational fires – and start developing the leadership energy of your team members

When you (and your team) are consumed in fire-fighting issue after issue – you are actually perpetuating the very environment that promotes machine-mode working.

Many of the issues that eat up your time – your most persistent problems – are a consequence of not developing the leadership energy that is inside people.

You are the Leader You’ve Been Waiting For
This program gives you the tools you need to develop your team’s leadership energy – and it’s easy, affordable, and effective.

You are the Leader distills our experience with thousands of people into a simple sequence – of information, exercises, and applications that show people how to bring leadership energy into their role – and make their work world-class. People will naturally start leading change – collaborating with others to improve the organization.

You get everything you need – the DVDs, the workbooks, the modules, and the facilitator manual. Everything to guide a powerful learning process that will transform your team.

It is a turn-key system that you simply facilitate. (And if you have any questions along the way – we are available to coach you).
  • An easy-to-use system you can implement without elaborate training.
  • A flexible design that can be adapted to changing schedules and needs.
  • Powerful skills and tools that works in the real world.

There are a lot of pressures on all of us to just perform – to forget about relationships, people, learning, and growing. But, you actually don’t get the performance you want from people – when you neglect their growth.

Leadership development is based on self-knowledge or self-awareness. You are the Leader gets at this directly. The program is about seeing how you limit yourself and how to connect to your real power. Not power in the sense of better or bigger than others. But, power in the sense of inner conviction and inner commitment to do something that matters.

We measure everything here. Metrics matter. But, what I’ve seen is that the inner work – which is hard to measure directly – has the biggest impact. You are the Leader gives a structure for doing this inner work.

Really, the key to helping people grow is giving them a way to do inner work. You are the Leader connects people to a new sense of who they are and what they want to create. They believe in their ability to lead change and make a difference.

I find it sad, that many people would spend so much time at work and not make sure that they use that time to both grow personally and feel good about what they are doing.”

Christine Flaherty
Director Laboratory Services
, Sutter Medical Foundation

“I was worried about sending one of our employees to the program. He was so negative at work that I was thinking about how to get rid of him. I figured he would disrupt the program and maybe ruin it for others.
But, something happened there. A light bull went on in his head. He literally made a 180-degree turn around. People on the team have known him for 20 years – and they are blown away by the change. They are still talking about it. He is actually the greatest advocate for the program. It all came from this program.”

Dylan Johnson, VP Human Resources
Community Hospital

Here’s how it works.

You are the Leader is structured in nine learning modules. Each module starts with a short (10-14 minute) DVD.

These professionally produced modules are content-rich, engaging, and present core principles and practices that shift people out of machine-mode, connect them with a renewed sense of passion, and motivate them to take positive action.

Each DVD module introduces concepts and skills (watch a clip from Module 3 below):

But, the real power of the program is not in watching the DVDs.

The real changes come from the carefully designed discussions and exercises that you facilitate following each DVD. (These are the very discussions that shift people permanently out of machine-mode and into a positive, problem-solving, proactive mode of working).

Every interactive exercise is fully documented and explained in the easy-to-follow facilitator guide.

  • These exercises show people how to:
  • Take personal responsibility for creating breakthrough results
  • Raise accountability & collaboration to a new level
  • Eliminate victim-thinking

I’m not a trained facilitator or coach but I took my team through the exercises. It was so much fun. Everyone got involved and opened up. You are the Leader helps us grow as a team and individuals.

I’m looking for models and tools – to be a better leader and to grow my team’s leadership skills. We have a tendency in healthcare to see good clinicians and figure they can be good leaders. We need tools and models to facilitate growing them into leaders.”

Cynthia Pearsall MSN, RN
VP and CNO
Fairfield Medical Center

A complete learning system

You are the Leader is simple to implement. And everything you need is included. Plus, we are available to coach you through any questions or challenges you have.

The program includes both team member materials and a facilitator kit (so you can easily lead the learning process).

Team member materials include:

• A copy of the award winning book You Are the Leader You’ve Been Waiting For ($17.95 value)
This book won the silver 2008 Nautilus Book award as a world-changing book on conscious business & leadership. Based experience with thousands of people over six years – it gets to the heart of what it takes to create a fully engaged workplace (and put an end to burn-out & victim thinking).

• The You Are the Leader Workbook. ($129.00 value)
This all-new workbook has been designed to function like an interactive journal – that turns the concepts of You are the Leader into focused, positive actions. Filled with valuable exercises, the workbook makes the learning process personal & practical.

• A set of Core Values Cards ($24.00 value)
These cards are a revelation. Over 3,000 people have used them to clarify their core values in order to bring greater passion and purpose to their work.

Your facilitator kit includes:

• All of the above
• The 9-module You are the Leader DVD of Eric Klein presenting the following transformational concepts ($579.00 value):

Module 1: You are the Leader
Module 2: The Key to Successful Change
Module 3: The Leadership Mindset
Module 4: Core Values – The source of passion & purpose
Module 5: Leadership Gifts – Your unique expression of greatness
Module 6: Follow Your Calling – Connect your business purpose to a higher purpose
Module 7: What it Means to Lead – Your leadership statement
Module 8: Overcoming Inner Obstacles
Module 9: A Life of Leadership

This DVD series brings you the same stories, concepts, and skills that I present in workshops and keynotes – but at a fraction of the cost. You get to benefit from years of research and refinement – because the material presented in these DVDs distills the most impactful concepts into focused 10 -15 minute modules.

• You are the Leader Facilitator Guide
Value: ($349 value)

This is a great resource! It is the very same facilitator guide that I use myself (and that other leaders have used to present these concepts to over 1,000 people). It takes you step-by-step through each learning session. It tells you what to emphasize. What questions to ask. How long to give people for each exercise. Everything you need is clearly laid out. This is like having me at your side coaching you along saying, “Okay, now do this next . . .”

And these bonuses . . .

Premium Bonus #1 each team member gets access to a 9-module audio program of Eric Klein teaching the You are the Leader concepts ($89.00 value)
The audio track on these CD-modules mirrors the material presented on the DVD. Each team member gets their own CD – so they can reinforce the concepts to lead change, improve outcomes, and make a positive difference everyday.

Premium Bonus #2 Special Report: How to Turn Learning into Action
($49 value)

I’ve spent thousands of hours delivering workshops. I’ve taught hundreds of people how to turn learning into action. And I’ve synthesized the key concepts and methods into this special report. Read this through and incorporate the ideas. It will make a huge difference in how you lead and develop your staff.

Premium Bonus #3 Special Report: How to Give Feedback that Works: Coaching People to Really Change & Grow
($39 value)

When you’re developing your team – feedback is the key. Not just what you say, also how you structure the information. This report gives you the template for giving powerful feedback in a way that people will really hear. Because, unless they hear it – they won’t change their behavior.

Premium Bonus #4 45 minutes of personal tele-coaching – for you as the team leader
($450 value)

Like you, my schedule is busy – but there is always time for what truly matters. And I really want you and your team to be great. That’s why I am making this offer to those who purchase the premium program. In a tele-coaching call we can really focus together on your specific challenges and your specific goals. Then, I’ll tell you how to adapt You are the Leader – to make a huge difference with your people and your business.

Could it really be this simple?

Could you literally use a system to develop leaders, end the machine-mode, stop victim-thinking, and energize the team?

The answer is YES! By following the steps of You are the Leader, you will actually help people drop their old mindset and choose to take leadership and accountability to new levels.

“We work in a very operational and practical culture. So, while I wanted people to experience your work, I wasn’t sure how they would take it. The impact your program made on our executive leadership program participants was noteworthy. The most common theme I heard from the participants was your ability to help them think creatively versus reactively about what they are doing and how they are doing it. Your style puts people at ease and your message keeps them thoroughly engaged.”
Tom Flanagan
Director, Leadership and Executive Development
Southern California Edison

“I was extremely apprehensive before I took the program. I wasn’t sure that it would be relevant to me. But, it was completely relevant.
Beth_Frueh.jpgGoing through the exercises really opens your eyes to being a leader. If you’re hesitating at all – I would say to just go and do it. Don’t be afraid. You will learn so much about yourself and others. It really improves how people work with each other. And the skills are not just good for work but for life in general.”

Beth Frueh
Supervisor of Dietary Services

Why you should immediately act on this offer!

I’ll give you not one, but three reasons.

Reason 1) Information that you can absorb almost instantly
The You are the Leader system gives you a simple but sophisticated toolkit that you can literally start using the very next day.

You’ll see for yourself how to integrate leadership development into your meetings, informal conversations, and decision-making. When you see how readily people want start exercising leadership – you will be thrilled.

For this reason and this reason alone, you should do it. For yourself and your team.

Reason 2) People can become mechanical – unthinking at work. You are the Leader puts an end to machine-like behavior

Some people stop acting like machines, and start exercising leadership on their own. Celebrate this! But, don’t count on it. Expecting people to start leading is not a strategy – its wishful thinking.

Even if people want to take more ownership and initiative – they need tools and guidance

Don’t let them spend another day in a machine-like stupor.

Reason 3) Risk-free
Work with You are the Leader for 30 days.
Then if you aren’t happy for any reason whatsoever, then:

1. Ask me, and I’ll refund 100% of the money you paid for You are the Leader and the bonuses.

2. I’ll ask you, in return, to mail back the materials.

Plus, if you let me know what you didn’t like about You are the Leader, I’ll give you a recommendation for another leadership resource that might suit you much better.

I’m really wanting you to get the help, no matter where it comes from.

What’s Included



The award winning book You Are the Leader You’ve Been Waiting For ($17.95 value)
The You Are the Leader Workbook. ($129.00 value)
Core Values Cards ($24.00 value)
9-module You are the Leader DVD of Eric Klein presenting the following transformational concepts ($459.00 value)
You are the Leader Facilitator Guide
Value: ($349 value)


Bonus #1 9-module audio program of Eric Klein of the key You are the Leader concepts – for each team member ($89.00 value per program)

Bonus #2 Special Report: Turning Learning into Action
($49 value)
Premium Bonus #3 Special Report: How to Give Feedback that Works: Coaching People to Really Change & Grow
($39 value)
Premium Bonus #4 45-minutes of personal tele-coaching
($450 value)
$119 per team member
$569 per facilitator


$129 per team member
$589 per facilitator