Eric Klein brings a powerful and practical message that inspires people to be their best.

His message is clear and compelling: when every person in the organization feels and acts like a leader – success is the natural outcome.

Eric is fun to work with and will help you make your meeting unforgettable. He’s been doing exactly that for hundreds of organizations over the past 20 years

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You Are the Leader You’ve Been Waiting For

In this high-content & inspiring keynote participants will learn the breakthrough strategies that the world’s great leaders use to be their best and make a lasting impact. People who know that they are leaders – have higher performance and higher fulfillment. And the truth is that everyone has this potential. Everyone can bring greater passion, creativity, and impact to their work. They just need to know how. This program gives the core principles and practices of true leadership – for people at every level of the organization.

People will learn how to:
  • Overcome burn-out
  • Eliminate victim-thinking
  • Ignite a culture of growth and success
  • Make a real difference everyday
  • Tap under-developed talents and strengths
  • Take personal responsibility for creating breakthrough results
  • Fuse business success and personal fulfillment in a single equation
Leading Culture Change

85% of business strategies fail to deliver their intended results. Why? Because culture is the climate in which business strategies succeed – or fail. Without a culture change – business initiatives don’t take off. Culture is the “soft” stuff. But, ignoring “soft” stuff has hard consequences in terms of productivity, quality, and money. In this presentation Eric shows people how to:

  • Align people’s hearts, head, and hands around a common goal
  • Increase morale and trust
  • Communicate the need for change – so others respond
  • Turn victim-thinking into victory-thinking
  • Ignite a passion for success at every level
Make your next conference a success by emailing or calling 760-436-5535 for details.