Are you tired of feedback systems that don’t change behavior?

Leadership feedback is essential. Leaders don’t grow without it.

Feedback should ignite awareness and accelerate change. But, too often leadership 360s are just more data. More numbers.

And all those numbers don’t translate into changes – for individuals or for the culture.

Why not? Because, most leadership 360s just don’t go deep enough. They provide information – but don’t catalyze transformation.

Because they never reveal the leadership Operating System that is running the leader’s behavior.

What is the leadership Operating System?

Within the pages of the handsome TLCP binder you have a comprehensive and easy-to-grasp explanation of results, terms, data and patterns. Managers love the clarity and accessibility of this tool.
360 Degree Feedback Tool
The Leadership Circle Profile Brochure

It’s the  internal assumptions (the beliefs) that runs a leaders behavior. Some of these beliefs promote creative, successful behaviors.  Other beliefs drive leaders towards reactive, defensive, and even destructive patterns of action that undermine organizational excellence.

If the inner Operating System isn’t seen – and upgraded – it’s virtually impossible to get behavioral changes.

The Leadership Circle Profile shows  the manager see how his/her inner world of thought is translating into a productive or unproductive style of leadership. Ultimately TLCP increases the inner awareness that affects outward behavior.

Making this connection is nothing short of transformational.

Most 360s are simply a laundry list of behaviors.

The Leadership Circle Profile integrates well-researched leadership competencies into a unified framework. This framework accelerates insight, deepens awareness, and highlights leverage points for change.

TLCP displays results within a high impact framework.

It’s not merely in the rank order scores found in most 360 degree assessments. TLCP’s high impact framework springs from the very best models of adult development.

This framework shows leaders both how they are doing and spotlights the hidden motivators that drive successful and unsuccessful behavior.

TLCP’s focus and accessibility never overwhelms managers with unrelated data.

Using TLCP, managers can, at a glance, see the whole picture without laboring over volumes of data. TLCP elegantly displays the critical relationships between strengths and weaknesses, creative competencies and reactive tendencies, and the interaction between inner assumptions and outer behavior.

“To develop leaders, organizations need to help them get clear insight into their behavior—what’s working and what’s not. We need to help them understand relationships between how they habitually think and behave. This is what TLCP provides. Once this awareness is established, leadership development can proceed. Without it, change seldom happens.”

Bob Anderson
Founder and Chief Creative Officer, the Leadership Circle

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