The Servant Leader Process (SLP): Building Mission-Inspired Organizations

The Servant Leader Process (SLP) is for organizations that want to create breakthroughs based on a sense of mission and purpose.

The Servant Leader Process (SLP)
guides you on the inner path to the bottom line. Along the way you will:

  • Re-awaken the hearts & minds of all employees.
  • Promote stewardship & service through performance excellence
  • Deepen individual and organizational transformation
Servant leaders understand that:
  • Organizational change starts and is sustained within the hearts & minds of people
  • Mission-inspired people are intrinsically motivated to transform themselves, their teams, and their organization.
A Step-by-Step Program

SLP is a dynamic, economical, step-by-step, DVD-based program that can be facilitated by your internal trainer, our consultants, or a combination of the two.

What are the effects of Servant Leadership?
Here are some clips about our Servant Leadership work:

“A new level of truth . . .”

“I’m a different person through this process . . .”

“We have courageous conversations.”

“Work is prayer.”

SLP IS for leaders who:

• Value initiative, accountability, & service
• See themselves as stewards
• Want to re-awaken hearts & minds

All Together Now!

With your leadership and our world-class training technology, we can bring servant leadership alive in your organization.

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