Breakthrough Communication

In this program people learn the skills for:
  • Dealing constructively with hard-to-talk-about issues
  • Being clear and focused
  • Listening for the real message (even when it is not spoken)
  • Reaching agreements – that lead to aligned action

“We have more courageous discussions . . . “

Jan Giedd

Chief Nursing Officer

St. Joseph’s Hospital

Move from communication breakdowns to communication breakthroughs

The number one issue in organizations is – communication. Everything depends on how people communicate. But, most people don’t really know how to communicate clearly, listen effectively, or resolve differences creatively. This program teaches people how to:

  • Shift from conflict to creativity
  • Artfully bring difficult issues to the table
  • Dissolve resistance
  • Increase influence and personal power
  • Strengthen healthy working relationships
  • Solve the real problems that limit performance

Watch Eric present a portion of this program:

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