Do want more accountability on your team?

(Have you sat through enough meetings where people talk about change – but don’t take accountability for making it happen?)

The purpose of meeting isn’t to just talk. It’s to generate action – and accelerate the process of change.

But, a lot of meetings never do that. Even when action plans are developed – action doesn’t always follow.

Do you know precise process to use to ensure that it never happens again?

Because you don’t need more goal setting – you need more goal achievement.

It’s easy to set goals. But, without consistent, aligned action – the goal remains a concept, a pipe dream.

This program gives you the tools you need to reach your goals.

Satisfaction and success – in work or life – depends on what you create. If you are like most people – the creative process is a bit of a hidden mystery. Sometimes you get the results you want. Sometimes you don’t.

Eric Klein takes you beyond traditional goal setting into the heart of the creative process. You will learn the subtle – yet powerful – methods for creating what matters most.

Watch Eric present one of the concepts from this workshop:
Learn the Art & Science of Goal Achievment

Goal achievement is both an art and a science. There are definite steps and structures that make the process repeatable and successful. This is the science aspect. And there is an element of unpredictability, openness, and adaptability that add the artistic dimension.

By combining these two elements – of art and science – into a single process you will take your ability to create what matters most to a new level of success and satisfaction.

“I was truly thrilled with the workshop you did for our group last week. The response was unanimously and overwhelmingly positive. The outcomes were truly more than I had even hoped for.”

Randy Beck, International Music Products Association