Do you want more leadership energy in your organization?

Individuals who bring leadership energy to their work have higher performance and higher fulfillment. Everyone has this potential. Everyone can bring greater passion, creativity, and impact to their work. Most don’t know how.

This workshop ignites the leadership energy that is inside everyone. It is appropriate for people at any organizational level.

This program gives the core principles and practices of true leadership – for people at every level of the organization.
People will learn how to:
  • Overcome burn-out
  • Eliminate victim-thinking
  • Ignite a culture of growth and success
  • Consistently tap leadership energy – and call it out in others
  • Tap under-developed talents and strengths
  • Enjoy high performance & high fulfillment at work
Workshop results:
  • More focus – on creating what matters instead of fire fighting
  • More enthusiasm – for transforming the business
  • More connection – between daily actions & organizational vision
  • More engagement – as individual passion & talents produce sustainable returns

“Genuinely inspired our leaders to take action and swiftly effect positive change.”
Dana Woods
Director, Marketing and Strategy Integration
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

Watch Eric Klein present a segment of this workshop

“Our staff is still talking about how your workshop touched them. The day was so meaningful. We hope we will see you again. You have touched many lives.”

Mary Tenney
Vice President, Human Resources
Citrus Valley Health Centers

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